Estates and Probate

Suffering the loss of a loved one, especially a parent or close family member, can be emotionally devastating. The family is grieving and may find it very difficult to cope with the legal issues surrounding the execution of the deceased’s will and the distribution of assets. KSLN can be an invaluable support team to handle the legal matters while your family grieves. We understand that during such an emotional time, you need a competent and compassionate estate and probate attorney who can oversee the financial and legal issues that may arise.

Will Execution and Intestacy

If the deceased has a valid Will, an Executor is named who is charged with making sure the will’s instructions are followed. However, executors are often family members who need help figuring out the meaning of the Will’s instructions. For example, Wills for parents of individuals with disabilities often include complex legal mechanisms like the creation of a special needs trust to provide for the disabled child. Also, an Executor usually needs the assistance and guidance of a knowledgeable attorney to make proper filings with Surrogate’s Court and to handle estate assets. KSLN will help your family properly abide by the wishes of your deceased loved one and navigate the laws and responsibilities for the estate.

If a valid Will cannot be produced for the deceased, the estate falls under the laws of intestacy, which may result in assets being distributed in a way the deceased would not have wanted. This problem underscores the need for estate planning and creating a will. Such end-of-life planning may be uncomfortable, but it relieves a huge burden for your family and ensures your wishes are respected. Nonetheless, our experienced attorneys can represent the estate and help get an Administrator appointed and provide legal assistance to ensure the estate complies with the law.

Probate Process

The process of executing a will and distributing assets is known as probate. KSLN can guide your family through the probate process, which frequently involves complicated financial transactions, asset liquidation, and dealing with creditors. We are a law firm you can trust to make sure that the deceased’s will is executed properly and all financial matters are proper and in order.

We understand that the grieving process takes time, which is why we offer to be a legal team your family can depend on to take care of business while you grieve.

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