Health Care Proxies

A Health Care Proxy is a legal document (like a Power of Attorney) designating a person who is authorized to make health care decisions for a person who is unable to make those decisions. Once you have designated a Health Care Proxy, you remain in charge of your healthcare decisions as long as you are competent to do so. Usually the designated proxy is a close family member or other trusted individual. Health Care Proxies are an important way to ensure that your wishes regarding medical treatment are respected in the event that you can no longer make competent decisions. KSLN can advise and assist you in preparing a Health Care Proxy.

Making Important Decisions

If your child has disabilities that may make it hard for him or her to understand the ramifications of important medical decisions, but is otherwise competent, a Health Care Proxy can allow you to leave your child a high degree of independence but ensure that medical decisions are made correctly. If your adult child has disabilities that generally make independent living difficult, an Article 17-A guardianship may be a more appropriate option.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Choosing a person as your health care agent can give you peace of mind in knowing that someone you trust will be able to make health care decisions according to your beliefs and wishes. While most health care agents will never need to fulfill this obligation, it is important to have such a plan in place in the event of an unexpected accident or disability. These instructions can also lift the burden of tough end-of-life choices from your family members and give them assurance that your wishes are being followed.

KSLN will help you figure out what instructions you would like to include and will make sure the legal language makes your wishes clear. We understand that these are important and tough choices and we will lend our years of legal experience to advise you on what can help your family the most.

Informing Your Family and Your Doctor

Because your Health Care Proxy document may be invoked on an emergency basis, it is very important that a copy of the document be available at any time. Once the document is signed, it is advisable to distribute copies to your primary physician, your spouse or immediate family, your attorney, and especially your designated agents.

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