IEP Team Meeting

As a parent of a child with a disability, your involvement in decisions about special education and other education assistance is crucial to your child’s success and development. The Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) mandates that you are entitled to be an active participant in your child's IEP Team. This group should meet at least once a year. In these crucial meetings, important recommendations and decisions are made about the services offered to your child.

Preparing for the Meeting

Your school district is required to notify you in advance of IEP meetings. This notice should describe the purpose of the meeting, and the meeting is to be scheduled at a time that is convenient to both you and the district. As a parent, you also have the right to request meetings of the IEP Team if you have concerns about your child’s education. The special education lawyers of KSLN can help you prepare for these meetings and can also accompany you as your advocate. To prepare, look over our IEP Checklist. Also, be sure to talk with your child about his or her questions, concerns, and ideas as well.

Speaking with one of our special education attorneys can be an important help and support in preparation for your IEP meeting. We can help you organize your thoughts and concerns, and help you communicate them in an effective manner. In addition, our lawyers may be aware of services your child may be entitled to but is not receiving.

During and After the Meeting

If you choose, someone from KSLN may attend your IEP Team meeting. The presence of a disabilities lawyer can ensure that your views are taken seriously by the school district and that you are not intimidated by district officials. In the meeting, we can help you seek a satisfactory agreement with the school district that provides for all of your child’s needs.

If, however, a workable agreement cannot be reached, KSLN can also represent you in mediation sessions or impartial hearings to resolve the disagreement. Having our legal assistance team can be very helpful in giving you the opportunity to get what your child needs.

To learn more about KSLN, and how we can help you, please contact us today for a free initial consultation.