Services Provided

The law gives you the right to be closely involved in developing your child's special education program, as described in his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP). This is good, but it can be frustrating and draining. If you are in conflict with your school district over any issue, you may feel like you are outnumbered and ambushed by the district's personnel. They may seem like they're speaking in code, using abbreviations and terms they all know, but you don't. In this situation KSLN can be the ally you need.

Our attorneys have over 60 years of work in special education. We speak their language--and yours. We can reduce tension and establish common ground so you can work together with the school and provide for your child's needs. And, if necessary, we can go to battle with a district that refuses to give appropriate services for your child. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help you and your child.

How We Can Help

If you are having a dispute of any type with your school district, or if you are having trouble communicating, either in understanding what they are telling you or getting them to understand what you are saying, we can help. We can go with you to meetings, help the school understand your concerns and how serious you are about your child’s needs. We can help you understand their objections, or to strategically address them, so that together we can work to get the services your child needs in order to succeed.

We can attend your IEP meetings with you. We can help you get your concerns heard, and make meaningful input into your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP).

We can also attend disciplinary hearings with you. We can help you work with the school to develop an appropriate plan for dealing with behaviors. There are special rules that govern discipline for children with disabilities and we will make sure they are followed. We will help you and the school work together to develop disciplinary procedures that can address inappropriate behavior without hurting your child's education.

Filing a Complaint

Federal law provides for remedies if you and the school cannot come to an agreement, if the school is not meeting your child’s needs, or if the school violated the terms of your child's IEP. If you and the school cannot come to an agreement, you can request mediation to help you find a solution that will benefit your child.

If you feel the school is not willing to give your child an appropriate education, or if you think it hasn't lived up to its responsibilities, you can file a due process complaint, which guarantees you a hearing before an impartial hearing officer (IHO).

If you have a dispute with your school, we can help you decide on the best course of action, including whether mediation or a due process hearing is likely to get you the best results. Also, we can put our experience and knowledge to work for you, whether in trying to partner with the school district or in advocating for your child’s rights in a hearing or in court.

If you need help working with your school district to get your child the free appropriate public education he or she is guaranteed by law, the lawyers KSLN have the knowledge and experience to help, often at little or no cost to you. 

To learn more about KSLN, and how we can help you, please contact us today for a free initial consultation.