Speech or Language Impairment

Speech and language impairments are a common type of disability that affects students’ performance and social interactions. This invisible disability is frequently overlooked by school districts, and often underappreciated. Nonetheless, impairment in ability to speak or to understand language can greatly impact all areas of life, including the academic achievement and social development of students. The disabilities attorneys of KSLN understand parents’ concerns about the academic success and social adjustment of students with language difficulties and provide a wide range of legal services for parents and caregivers.

Challenges of Speech and Language Impairment

Because verbal language is the primary mode of information exchange in most classrooms, difficulty speaking or understanding language can make the classroom experience a confusing and intimidating place. Therefore, schools are required under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to identify and give special assistance to students with speech or language impairments. After a thorough assessment of the child’s needs and abilities, educators work with parents to create and implement the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Every child has a unique set of abilities and limitations and the IEP should reach that perfect balance of helping your child where needed without making him or her feel singled out or excluded from the group. This can be a tricky balance to find and parents often feel overwhelmed or intimidated during the evaluation and IEP process. Therefore, the experienced education lawyers of KSLN provide support to parents through every step of the IEP process and afterward. We can help you prepare for hearings and meetings, even attending with you and advocating on behalf of your child.

Social Challenges

Children with speech and language impairments face additional social challenges (including children who stutter, lisp, have apraxia, or have auditory processing or language problems). A child’s particular impairment may make him or her more shy or have difficulty making friends. In many cases, children with speech or language impairments may face more severe social challenges such as increased bullying or harassment at school. At KSLN, we understand your concerns as parents and we know that every child has a right to attend school in a safe and socially positive environment. We will be firm advocates and can help you ensure that teachers and administrators are looking out for your child’s best interests, both academically and socially.

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