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We represent creditors with claims against business entities and/or individuals in bankruptcy.  Just because a person or business that owes you money files bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that the debt owed is uncollectible.  In fact, carefully navigating bankruptcy laws can, at times, lead to a larger or faster recovery for a creditor than might have otherwise occurred outside of bankruptcy court.  Our keen understanding of bankruptcy law and practice allows us to quickly and efficiently evaluate the strength and recoverability of your claim against a bankrupt party, and to chart an appropriate and economical recovery strategy.  In the event that you have been targeted by a debtor or trustee pursuing repayment of a “preference”, we will analyze all available defenses to the claim, then seek resolution through negotiations and, if necessary, litigation.  

> File of Proofs of Claim

> Evaluate and file objections to discharge or confirmation

> Respond to and defend preference claims and actions

> File and prosecute adversary proceedings

> Attend and participate in §341 Meetings of Creditors

> File §503(b)(9) motions/claims

> Handle §2004 examinations


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