KSLN is dedicated to providing legal assistance for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our extensive knowledge of the issues (both legal and otherwise) that people with disabilities often face enables us to be compassionate advocates, empowering individuals and families.

KSLN is one of the most experienced law firms in this area of legal practice and offers a range of legal services to our clients. Our disabilities law attorneys have published numerous papers and keep their knowledge current about changes to Federal and state laws that affect individuals with disabilities.


The legal questions surrounding Special Education and other disability issues can be extremely complex, which is why KSLN offers focused and knowledgeable service in this area of the law. We provide security and comfort for families of children with disabilities, attending meetings and hearings to ensure that school districts are working in the best interests of students with disabilities. Even when litigation is not involved, we are often able to bring about solutions for families and school districts by negotiating (or mediating) solutions to conflicts and helping both parties avoid costly and time-consuming legal challenges.

We also apply the same experience, knowledge and insight in our other areas of law. Whether assisting families with estate planning (including Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney), Guardianships, Probate of Estates, Health Law (including appeals to ensure insurance coverage), or disability discrimination cases, you can be assured of quality legal assistance.

In every case, we strive to provide personalized service with a consistent standard of excellence guided by our experience in disabilities law. Our attorneys understand parents’ need to be sure their child’s needs are met.

If you need legal services of any kind involving a child or family member with a disability in New York State or nationwide, KSLN is ready to serve you.